Ziegler South Africa offers a complete, fully integrated and paperless warehouse management system tailored to suit your storage and distribution needs. Our warehouses are strategically located across South Africa, close to the ports and airports. Our system allows our customers to efficiently manage their inventory through stock-level visibility and to communicate instructions directly to our pickers via an online portal.

More than tailor-made, our system issues customer-branded documents such that your own clients and stakeholders would never be aware of your outsourced logistics environment. Ziegler has been keeping their customer’s promises for years, with 4PL being one of the founding verticals of our business. As much as 10 000 tons of monthly cargo imported by us flows through, and is distributed by, Ziegler-branded and controlled facilities. We have also adapted our pricing options to suit your industry by moving away from traditional pallet pricing and charging you based on whatever measurable unit you prefer: per nett kg of food raw product, per watt of solar panels, per litre of ink, per value of product – you name it, we adapt.

General cargo storage and distribution

Cross Docking

Picking and packing

Bonded storage

Food and pharmaceutical-grade storage and distribution

Value Added Services


Ziegler has a world-class Warehouse Management System (WMS), which allows you live visibility of all your inventory and stock movements. This online system also allows automatic POD viewing and retrieval, as well as electronic placement of delivery instructions straight to our pickers.

Sprinkler Systems

Most of the Ziegler warehouses are fitted with automated fire sprinkler systems to give your insurer peace of mind that your cargo is at lower risk.


Ziegler carries a Logistics Liability Policy of EUR5million per event, as well as GIT for goods carried on our vehicles. Please apply to us for Policy Wording.

Pest Control

regular site and warehouse inspections and regular warehouse cleaning

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