Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

Ziegler South Africa caters for a broad array of Warehousing Services.

Ziegler South Africa offers a complete and fully-integrated logistics management system which can be tailored to suit your individual import, export and distribution needs. Our warehouses are strategically located across South Africa in close proximity to the ports. The system allows our Clients to effectively manage their inventory through stock level visibility and to communicate instructions through an online portal.

Our first-class facilities are fitted with maximum security measures and accommodate all sizes and shapes of cargo including temperature controlled, high value and bulky out of gauge cargo. Our facilities are also compliant with all the health & safety and environmental regulations.

Ziegler South Africa caters for a broad array of road freight related services.

At Ziegler South Africa we recognize that warehousing and distribution are all about the daily movement and tracking of thousands of items, we recognize the risk of errors. An automated interface is therefore essential to manage our operation and increase our productivity. Making use of CargoWise One as our WMS reduces administrative costs and increases data accuracy by enabling single-file data entries. The system instructs our Warehouse team to release and place jobs in the order of capacity and priority, this allows us to improve our delivery service to our Clients.

Our Logistics Offering is available both Nationally and Cross Border. Reliability, efficiency and excellent service form the cornerstones of our business, and through dedicated application of these principles, we are able to ensure your business success through on-time and accurate delivery schedules.

To be considered high quality, our Warehouse Operator needs to deliver the means to accurately track the movement of our Client’s shipments. With CargoWise One’s comprehensive, web-based track and trace capabilities it gives our Clients the freedom to enter orders, view order statuses, invoices, and inventory balances at any time, even outside warehouse operating hours. By offering our Clients connectivity to their inventory, this gives them the confidence to outsource their inventory management.

Why Ziegler for your logistics?

  • National and Cross Border Warehousing and Distribution Solution

  • Tally and Monitoring Systems that enable you to pick and keep stock using your own unique product reference system

  • Internally Developed LOGIS Warehouse System

  • On-time and accurate delivery schedules

  • Barcode Labels are generated according to client specifications and placed on packages or pallets to accurately record stock movement and placement within our warehouse.