Trade Finance

The focus of the trade finance product was with an emphasis on designing a product to support growing South African importing businesses. Through our innovative “one contact” approach, importing your product has never been easier. Our facility will allow for your dedicated Key Accounts Manager to manage your entire supply chain process from start to finish inclusive of your trade finance requirements, without you having to outlay any funds for the transaction. Our finance model enables your business to increase its working capital by funding your operating cycle, i.e. from the time payment is made to your overseas supplier until receipt of the funds has been received from your customer.


Why Ziegler Trade Finance?

  • Access to trade finance facilities will enable your business to expand seamlessly, providing peace of mind that as sales begin to increase, funds will be available

  • Removing the administrative and shipping burden will enable you to concentrate your efforts on your core business

  • Trade finance provides you with the benefit of additional finance without diluting the ownership of your business or encumbering any securities that could offer benefit elsewhere to your company

  • Timely or upfront payments to your suppliers could enable you to receive discounts and buy in larger quantities, giving your business a competitive advantage

  • Access to finance facilities will alleviate pressure on your current banking facilities and regulate your cash flow