Ziegler recognize that banks are often not the best funding option, we have seen increased regulation, reduced standard lending, and SME’s finding it difficult to access finance through traditional means, that is why we offer you Trade Finance.

Not only does Trade Finance bridge the cash-flow gap between the time your supplier requires payment and the time your customers are due to pay you, but it also addresses your need to:

Manage your Foreign Currency

Produce local currency based Landed Costings

Comply with all Country Based regulations affecting the supplied goods

Mitigate the risk of loss or damage to your goods

Deal with the complexities of the import process

Ensure process compliance

Call our head of Trade Finance today and let us evaluate your business for a revolving funding facility that allows you to make advance payments to your suppliers. Ziegler are impartial and flexible and are often able to leverage non-traditional security means (which may include leveraging the goods themselves) in order to provide you the funding that you need.

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