Ziegler South Africa pioneered the idea of implementing the “one controller” concept 20 years ago.

 Service providers in a standard 3-PL shipping agent structure traditionally operate on a multi departmental structure. Various departments feed the shipping supply chain process from department to department. Employees in these departments are employed and trained for the skill required in their respective department only.

The standard 3-PL departmental shipping agent structure


As a result of this, no one person understands or sees the entire supply chain. Clients of a standard shipping agent wanting information on a particular shipment can find it challenging to speak to the right department or person at the right time.


“One-Call One-Contact” means no more frustrating calls to different departments or selective employees managing only a part of the supply chain. Ziegler South Africa offers seamless logistics services through one point of contact for all aspects of your freighting requirements – acting as your own in-house freight department.

This single-point contact set-up ensures that one person is responsible for every aspect of your supply chain requirements. Your Key Account Manager is therefore holistically able to combine all the aspects of the company’s requirements into a single cost saving solution.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our aim is to provide outcome-based results by understanding the complexity of your requirements – so that you can focus on growing your business. Ziegler operates on a BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING model, which brings a different perspective as well as added knowledge, experience and technology to your existing freight function.