Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance is often neglected during supply chain operations which could have catastrophic consequences for cargo owners. Do not be mislead into thinking your cargo is of low risk nature, there are other perils involved like General Average contributions that cargo owners were required to make post the well-publicised blocking of the Suez Canal that led to Billions of USD in losses for ship owners.

Marine cargo Insurance is offered as a value-added service to cargo owners. Ziegler South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a registered juristic representative of Prestgroup (Pty) Ltd FSP license 165. Contact our pricing team for a quote.

Legal Services

All Ziegler’s contracts are carefully drafted and vetted by our internal legal and compliance department in order to ensure that all services are in compliance with any legislation and law which governs the Forwarding and Clearing industry.

Ziegler have always strived to ensure compliance throughout the supply chain from the moment a customer enters our door. The laws of South Africa are forever evolving, and our compliance department ensures that we are always one step ahead in order to provide accurate and professional services to our clients. With the introduction of legislation such as POPI and PAIA, we are fully dedicated to protecting our customers’ personal information at all times.

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