In a global economy, customs clearance is more important than ever before. So, just how well do you know your customs clearing agent? Ziegler South Africa is fully accredited with SARS, which means that we stand up to and exceed the highest scrutiny of the Department of Customs and Excise. Ziegler has, over many years, maintained a Customs STOP ratio well below the industry average, all of which supports our compliance. Ziegler South Africa is accredited with both Level 1 (Compliance) and Level 2 (Safety and Security) by customs which is the highest level of accreditation available to the industry and offers extended benefits. Coupled with our air, ocean, road and warehouse services, we are able to provide an efficient and seamless import and export customs clearance. Our technology-enabled solutions which include electronic pre-clearance ensure timeous customs release. Ziegler South Africa is licensed at all sea, air and road ports within South Africa, enabling us to clear cargo anywhere in the country.

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Operational Documents

  • Import Clearing Instruction


  • (IE230) ITAC Importer Application


  • (IE461) ITAC Application for Import Permit


  • ITAC Exporter Application


  • ITAC Application for Export Permit for General Goods


  • ITAC Application for Export Permit for Motor Vehicles


  • (DA185) Checklist


  • (DA185) Registration of Customs & Excise Client


  • (DA185) Importer Registration


  • (DA185) Exporter Registration


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