Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services

With our global network and comprehensive airfreight solutions, we are able to send your cargo anywhere in the world. We offer daily departures, door to door or airport to airport services, whatever your needs we have a solution for you.

Global Air Freight

Our Clients benefit from a choice of first-class airlines with excellent transportation connections to ensure their consignments remain on schedule and within budget.

  • Bi-weekly and a weekly consolidation service from all main centres.

  • Key aerospace hubs across Europe and the U.S.A.

  • Export services into Africa from our hub in Johannesburg.

How will our service benefit you?

Our company is a leading IATA member thus ensuring a professional service is rendered at all times.

Entrust your cargo with our experienced, dedicated team and let us take care of all your airfreight needs.

  • Better airfreight rates per kilogram as heavier weight breaks are reached

  • Pre-clearances are done to ensure immediate Customs release after flight arrival

  • More efficient control over the cargo from a tracking perspective

Complete Airfreight Solutions

  • First Commercial

    For urgent but not critical cargo

  • First Express Commercial

    AOG spares, medical and life threatening items. We pull out all the stops to deliver these consignments safely and within record time

  • Cargo Assembly

    Allows Clients to consolidate multiple consignments from multiple suppliers on one house bill, eliminating duplicate charges and shipment minimums

  • Charter Services (full or part)

    For urgent cargo, heavy loads, out of gauge items, high value goods, just in time manufacturing, hazardous cargo, or into restricted areas where overland routes are not available, we can provide this service