Change in Ziegler South Africa’s file sequencing.

Ziegler South Africa will be changing the file sequency that has been traditionally used for years. The new sequence will make it easier to identify the year and month a file was registered. The traditional JHB will change to JNB to align with the international three letter code. File numbering will appear as per the below, with the change being made at the beginning of our new financial year starting 01/03/2023:

Examples below:


S (Shipment) Z (Ziegler) JNB (Branch) A (Transport Mode – Air) I (Import) 23 (YY) 02 (MM) 0001 (Sequence number)


S (Shipment) Z (Ziegler) CPT (Branch) S (Transport Mode – Sea) E (Export) 23 (YY) 02 (MM) 0001 (Sequence number)


B (Brokerage) Z (Ziegler) JNB (Branch) S (Transport Mode – Sea) I (Import) 23 (YY) 02 (MM) 0001 (Sequence number)