As warehousing booms, business process outsourcing steps up to meet demand – 5 reasons to outsource your warehousing operation

South Africa’s retail model has changed dramatically in the last 18 months, a variety of factors, driven by the pandemic and lockdowns, has vastly accelerated the growth of e-commerce and altered buying patterns. This has put pressure on the warehousing element of the logistics chain, which has had to adapt to these shifts in demand. Optimising processes lies at the heart of the ability to store, manage and deliver stock at the pace required today, which is where business process outsourcing (BPO) can play a pivotal role.


Ziegler South Africa offer a broad array of warehousing and distribution services to supplement their Global Air and Ocean freight-forwarding services. Having Ziegler provide your warehousing and last mile distribution ultimately provides you a fully integrated offering with total visibility, all underpinned by Globally Leading WMS Technology. We cater for start-up’s as well as large organisations looking for access to flexible space on a pay as you use basis, while at the same time optimising your supply chain and all while retaining your own administrative identity and presence. Why commit yourself to a long-term lease and massive fixed monthly costs when the market is not able to give you that level of commitment in return, instead speak to Toriq Davids (National Warehousing Manager) or your Ziegler Key Accounts Manager, let us unpack the benefits of outsource warehousing and distribution operations.


  • Focus on you core business

Focus your resources on service and product development instead of investing time, money, and energy to perfect in-house and expensive warehousing solutions. Ziegler is an industry leader and can handle your entire warehousing process, from barcoding, picking and packing, all the way through to customised delivery solutions.

  • Pay for what you use

Most businesses have cyclical sales which result in changing storage requirements depending on the time of the year. Unfortunately, leases are by nature fixed, not to mention the many other overheads required to support that space, from Utilities, through Staffing and Equipment, to Security, Rates and Taxes. Our solutions are available on demand, and you only pay for the cargo that occupies space. Even better, make use for our bonded warehousing and only pay duties and VAT when you make a sale to your customer, a great cash-flow benefit. It takes time to ramp up or slow down, with Ziegler, you have instant access to capacity, making your business more agile and responsive to the market.

  • Better system, performance and efficiency

Our systems have been developed tried and tested. Our technology allows clients to effectively manage their inventory through live stock level visibility and communicate instructions through an online portal or integration direct from the customers system. As a result, our clients have the freedom to enter orders, check a status, track deliveries, and view invoices, POD’s and inventory balances at any time.      Our warehouse management system has web-based track and trace capabilities while our tally and monitoring systems allow you to pick and keep stock using your own unique product reference system.     Barcode labels are generated according to client specifications and placed on packages or pallets to accurately record stock movement and placement within our warehouse as well as eliminate dispatch errors.     By using Ziegler, companies can take advantage of leading technology and all the associated efficiencies without the capital outlay.

  • Access to industry experts

With experience in the complexities of supply chain management, Ziegler can offer a higher level of service. For example, we understand the intricate receiving processes and protocols of supermarket chains and online retailers, which means we can improve your on-time delivery, inventory accuracy, and other key performance indicators pertinent to your product and customers.

  • Location

Ziegler warehouses are strategically located across South Africa and Europe. This enables our clients to keep their products close to market, resulting in savings through last mile transportation costs reductions with better transit times.


Speak to us about an integrated solution, you might barely realise that you have outsourced, but financially you will be better off and de-risked…