Ziegler Sustainability Report

Although we are all responsible to work together to reduce emissions and improve the environment, changes that logistics companies can make are especially significant due to the nature of our industry. As technologies are developed that make it possible for us to make those changes, we are determined that Ziegler Group will be at the forefront of our industry in this area.

We strongly believe that small, everyday actions such as reducing office paper consumption are just as vital as the large undertakings regarding fleet investments and company infrastructure.

This is why we have launched the ‘Ziegler. Now even greener’ program. By integrating our environmental initiatives, we can transform our organization more seamlessly and efficiently while multiplying the positive effects for the environment, our people, and our company.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made, and we thank everyone who has somehow facilitated, encouraged, and contributed to these activities. But, this is just the start of the transformation we envision. We will accomplish much more together!

We would like to introduce the Ziegler Sustainability Report, which gives an overview of how Ziegler Group is currently taking specific actions to make positive contributions to the environment.

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