Onboard, edition autumn/winter 2020

Welcome onboard

The coronavirus pandemic has presented us all with unexpected new challenges: closed national borders, short-time working in production companies and the collapse of imports and exports – often forcing us to react to events at short notice in cooperation with our customers. We have been able to implement a large number of shipments despite the adverse circumstances. However, the coronavirus crisis has also strengthened us as a forwarding company. For example, the flexibility of ZIEGLER is one of the reasons we can implement special customer projects so successfully.

We are all about continuously striving to improve. The best example of this is that we have introduced a digital transformation at ZIEGLER in recent months. Logistics with ZIEGLER should be as intuitively easy, comprehensive and informative as we are used to from the world of online retail. You can read more about our digital transformation in this new edition of our “onboard” magazine.

Thorsten Witt

CEO – Ziegler Switzerland & Germany

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