Further to our notice earlier today regarding the announcement of the Essential Service Application and the need for Certification via the BUSA Website of those that consider themselves “Essential Suppliers”. We need to insist that you provide Ziegler South Africa with:

  1. Your BUSA issued Certificate
  2. The Mandate Letter confirming your appointment of Ziegler South Africa as your Logistics Service Provider (Please reach out to your Ziegler Account Manager if you do not have this yet)

These documents will be required by Shipping Lines and other authorities in order to complete deliveries.

Port Operations and Road Transport of Oceanfreight Import and Export Cargoes

Unfortunately there is still a massive amount of uncertainty around processes. We have received communications from various sectors and most contradict one-another. The Port Authority are saying that they will prioritise Reefers and only handle Essential Supplies, which would be physically impossible given both Essential and Non-Essential containers are in the same stacks on vessels, and in the case of Groupage even in the same container.

Shipping Lines are saying that all cargo must be evacuated from the Port, yet the Roadfreight Association and equally legislation expressly forbid the movement by road of Non-Essential supplies. This matter is constantly unfolding and we will manage it based on outcome.
Just a reminder that we remain operational and contactable, although from home and with limited staff. Please be patient, our normal standard may be affected by environmental challenges.

Airfreight Cargo

A quick note on airfreight, pretty much the same rules apply, although we expect massively reduced capacity and therefore little in and outbound cargo. We are not permitted to carry Non-Essential supplies, so recommend that if you are not approved as an “Essential Supplier”  that you not schedule overseas collections and/or arrange arrival as cargo may be forced to sit on the airport with high storage costs. Equally, if you are approved, we are here for you and will make the relevant arrangements, customs clear and deliver based on capacity.

We thank you for your continued support

Ziegler South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Sean Moore