Ziegler South Africa is doing everything in our power to continue to serve you as best as possible at this time.  We have been closely monitoring the spread and impact of the Coronavirus, which has now been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization.

AIR: Further to our notice earlier this week regarding the cancellation of all Contract Rates, we have seen Airlines, especially Freighters, increasing rates by up to 300%. With the immanent cancellation of most passenger flights, we expect this trend to worsen. We are constantly assessing its impact on our cargo business, but It goes without saying that together we are experiencing incredibly challenging and unprecedented times that require we think very differently about how we operate.


SEA: Ziegler staff will continue to liaise with customers whose shipments are on route to discuss the most appropriate course of action.  At this stage all container operations, including terminals, depots and other facilities are operational, however “walk-ins” are restricted and related shipping document collections and deliveries are limited.  Carriers sent out communication to utilize email for submission of release documents and request issuing of Sea Waybills instead of Original Bills of lading.
As a result of global blank sailings and low volumes impacting on vessel schedule integrity, shipping lines are implementing a Container Imbalance Surcharge to maintain levels of equipment availability.


ROAD: Ziegler drivers will be issued with masks and surgical gloves that will be worn when interacting with people while delivering and collecting goods. Ziegler has multiple subcontractors who can assist  with local and long-distance deliveries, these subcontractors are all complying with health and safety requirements in the effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our Road Border Offices in BeitBridge, Groblersbrug and Kopfontein is still open and fully operational.

STAFF HEALTH:  Ziegler encourages staff to wash their hands frequently, hand sanitizers will also be made available to staff and visitors.  Ziegler will be a no handshake zone in the effort to reduce the spread of germs, social distancing will also be encouraged. Air travel will be minimised and video conferencing facilities will be utilised instead.
Uncertainty remains about the exact characteristics of 2019-nCoV and its transmission. Official recommendations may change as experts learn more about the virus and the nature of the outbreak. We will keep the situation under review and stay alert for further government guidance.

We are actively monitoring the evolution of events around the world, and will continue to review and implement procedures and action plans to protect our people and maintain stable operations. We will continue to keep you informed of any changes.

We thank you for your business and continued support. Please contact your Ziegler Representative to discuss any shipment challenges or special requests. We have a variety of products available to expedite handling. These vary by country and region, and we look forward to discussing the best solutions for you.

We thank you for your continued support
Ziegler South Africa (Pty) Ltd